Dan + Shay Say “Glad You Exist” is More Than Just A Song

Dan + Shay Say “Glad You Exist” is More Than Just A Song

Earlier this week Dan + Shay broke the news that they had a new song on the way.

First they revealed just a date, February 5th.

Then they shared the name of the new track, “Glad You Exist.”

They also shared this message, “to us, ‘glad you exist’ is more than just a song. it’s a message of gratitude and hope. a message to everyone in our lives: our fans, our friends, our families, to remind them all how grateful we are to be on the planet at the same time. it’s truly remarkable when you think about it. we’ve spent the majority of the past year, like many others, searching for answers and a sense of normalcy, but finding comfort in memories of better days (that we all know will return soon). concerts, bonfires, road trips with friends, even the simple things like date night at a restaurant, or beers at a bar during a football game. this song has taken on new meaning not being able to see our loved ones in person, but throughout history, music has always had a special way of bringing people together, even when we are furthest apart . these words hold a special place in our hearts, and hopefully they will in yours too. we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again). we’re just so glad you exist. every. single. one of you.”

Now the song is available for everyone to listen…and it doesn’t disappoint.

Listen to “Glad You Exist” right here…

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell



Bring on The Boom

Bring on The Boom

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