Tenille Arts Takes You Back To May Right Now

Tenille Arts Takes You Back To May Right Now

Fans of Tenille Arts already know how awesome she is with sharing stuff with them on social media.

Tenille has a little tradition that she’s been doing for a while now…at the beginning of each new month, she posts a review of the previous month in one second clips. It’s a great reminder for Tenille…and everyone else…of all the amazing things that are happening in her career and life.

So, as we begin the 6th month of the year, Tenille posted, “April showers brought May flowers and now it’s June way too soon???”

Check out her 1 Second Everyday recap here…

So, that was looking back, but looking forward Tenille will…still be looking back.

Her new song “Back Then, Right Now” is out and fans will be filling their June with memories of singing along to this one…

Photo Courtesy of Tenille Arts



Countdown To Tip Off

Countdown To Tip Off

Your Dallas Mavs kick off their season on the road tonight at 6:30 in Atlanta. They play the Raptors Saturday night and THEN the home opener is Tuesday night at The AAC! The Mavericks will require fans to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of each game…

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