Ashley McBryde Is a Giver – Not A Getter When It Comes to Gifts

Ashley McBryde Is a Giver – Not A Getter When It Comes to Gifts

Happy belated birthday to Ashley McBryde!

If you missed her birthday yesterday (July 29th) and didn’t get her a gift…don’t worry!

Turns out that when it comes to presents, Ashley’s much more of a giver than a getter, “I prefer giving. I love to see the look one somebody’s face when they know you’ve put a lot of thought into them. Um, getting is a little awkward for me. I know how to say thank you but it’s still like uhhhh. So, giving is awesome and I can even do it by surprise, but I just love it when someone goes, ‘Wow, thank you!’ That’s cool.”

Ashley is taking the weekend off from her This Town Talks tour – hey, who doesn’t like to have their birthday off from work – but she’s back it next week.

If you still want to see Ashley “live” this weekend, you can check out her Never Will: Live From a Distance Show here

Picture Credit: Daniel Meigs



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Countdown To Tip Off

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