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Kip Moore is on Fire with a New Single and a New Tour

Kip Moore is on Fire with a New Single and a New Tour

Kip Moore is out with a new single called “Fire On Wheels.”

Talking about the new track, Kip says, “A lot of songs start with a very specific idea…a very specific concept, a specific title…this is one of those that the music drove everything.”

Moore adds, “We started creating that music in the room, and it had just such this infectious raw energy about it.”

That “infectious raw energy” boiled over into the video for “Fire On Wheels” – as Kip does his best impression of “Ren McCormack” getting footloose through a bowling alley as an unimpressed clerk looks on.

While it’s listed as “unofficial video” – they can pretty much take the “unofficial” off…cause it’s on fire (pun intended.)

Plenty of fans will be busting out their own moves when Kip Moore hits the road on the Fire On Wheels tour.

The Fire On Wheels tour launches on September 8th in Salt Lake City with the group Boy Named Banjo opening for Kip Moore.

Photo Courtesy of Kip Moore



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